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All of our extraordinary products are blended with special attention to detail. Using the highest quality plant materials found throughout the world allows us to create very powerful aromatherapy products with their natural occurring chemicals intact. Some of these potent therapeutic elements include antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, & E, beta carotene, lecithin, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids, GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid, an important fatty acid that helps maintain healthy skin and repair skin), enzymes, and bioflavonoids.

Why should you choose our products?

Amazing and fast results
Our products contain a broad spectrum of condition-specific and highly concentrated herbal ingredients, including essential oils, botanical oils, vegetable emulsifiers, and herbal extracts, which attribute to our products' tremendous effectiveness and fast results. Aromatherapy (the use of aromatic plant essence for skin care and well-being) has long been the premier skin and body care choice of the elite, such as Cleopatra of Egypt. Many European and Asian countries, including France, Germany, England, and Japan also incorporate aromatherapy into their health care system.
Our products are 100% natural
Without synthetic chemicals, additives, and petroleum products such as mineral oils (see faq), your skin will be able to breathe and absorb the needed nutrients in our products rapidly. And you don't need to worry about allergies from these artificial substances. Some very expensive creams have added a few herbal ingredients and label their products "natural," yet they still contain many harmful synthetic chemicals and additives.
We have great ingredients and pricing
We have scoured the world and found suppliers who provide superb ingredients at very reasonable prices. By buying in bulk, we get even more discounts and pass the savings on to you.
We concentrate on product quality and development instead of marketing and packaging
The cosmetic and skin care industry is notorious in spending a vast majority of their budget on marketing and packaging. Therefore, famous skin creams that cost hundreds of dollars may only contain ingredients worth just a few dollars. On the contrary, Edelweiss Botanicals emphasizes product ingredients and development. We'll never skimp on the ingredients to make room for marketing or packaging.
Our packaging is sensible and environmentally friendly
Our products are primarily packaged in recyclable cobalt blue glass jars or bottles to preserve their freshness and integrity.

In short, Edelweiss Botanicals products are wonderful bargains as they are comparable to or better than brands that cost hundreds of dollars!

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